About the Ghost Tour

This one of a kind ghost tour takes you trough the medieval capital of Ireland. Kilkenny with its narrow cobbled lanes, remnants of its city walls and with its mystic charm, it should be no surprise that Kilkenny is bursting with tales of the paranormal. Its people have told stories for generations, handed down to become far more than hearsay. Kilkenny’s ghostly tales all have one very important thing in common they are all based around fact and arise from genuine historic tragedies.

Since Kilkenny is the home of the first ever witch trial and witch burning it is vital that visitors fit in with the surroundings and therefore each visitor will wear a witches hat and cape to ensure their safe passage through the narrow cobbled lanes and will also carry lanterns to protect their save passage through the medieval city.

The Tour
The ghost tour is 1 hour long starting upstairs in Lanigans Bar and Restaurant at 8pm. Each tour will be guide by one of the characters (The Witch, Dr Death, Highwayman, Priest Hunter, the Monk or the Banshee).

The tour takes you through the haunted streets of the oldest medieval city in Ireland. Starting with the curse of Sir Richard Shee along St. Marys Lane to St. Marys Church and graveyard. Visitors will experience the first ever witch trial of the notorious Dame Alice Ketyler along with her accomplices, Petronilla and Basilia and her imp, or evil spirit, called Robin Artisson, to whom, in order to make the infernal thing obedient to all their commands, they sacrificed nine red cocks in the middle of the highway, and offered up the eyes of nine peacocks.

If that’s not enough to spook even the bravest souls the tour takes us from the ghostly Kilkenny prison via Rothe house to the mysteries Black Abbey with its open stone tombs and up Black mill street St Marys Cathedral.

As visitors make their way up chapel lane they will experience the ghostly presence of the highwayman, James Freney, the Irish Robin hood, the monk and Dr. Death.

Arriving at Kilkenny Castle visitors like those before them may encounter the white lady or even hear the screams of the Banshee herself.

Arriving at the famous Johns Bridge visitors’ may see some of the ghostly shapes of the 16 people who fell into the river Nore when the bridge collapsed in 1763.

Each visitor will complete a questioner and receive our famed certificate of completion.



New Addition - Graveside Tours in conjunction with the Medieval Mile Museum.


Our costumers now get the unique experience of actually visiting and walking through our most famous Medieval burial ground located on the grounds at the Medieval mile museum.

St Mary’s Church which is on St Marys Lane off High street was the parish church of the medieval Hightown. The rich merchant families such as the Shees and Rothes would all have gone to Mass here. The original church was built in the 13th century.

Rich Merchant families of Kilkenny were buried in magnificent tombs underneath the church and the poor people of the medieval capital were buried outside in the graveyard.

Visitors beware of the ghostly creatures crawling through this graveyard at night. Many of our costumers have heard strange voices and strange objects have been caught on camera.

Stories are told of the curse of Sir Richard Shee and that the graveyard is haunted by his soul. Vistors get an opertunity to look at and exam both the graves and tombs including the amazing tomb of Sir Richard Shee if they are brave enough.




Customer Comments

Really fun and interesting way to see and learn about the city. We took our three boys and it was great, they loved the stories and was a fun way to walk them through the city.

Virginia H, Tete-de-ran (via Tripadvisor)